Pinehill Capital is a family office with a mission to promote certain values through its business practices and philanthropy. Its core business is the management of a concentrated portfolio of investment assets with a strategy that emphasizes the preservation and long-term growth of capital.

Its investment approach analyzes and evaluates default risk and performance risk measured over 10 to 20-year periods of time. It does not manage short-term public market price volatility. Its portfolio of public securities can therefore be very price volatile over short-term periods of time. Since its inception in 1992, it has grown the value of its investment portfolio at over a 17% compounded annual growth rate.

Pinehill’s investments are concentrated in its best investment ideas. Such investment concentration has resulted at times with all of its capital allocated exclusively to one investment idea. It rarely invests in more than eight investment ideas at one time. All of its investment ideas are generally categorized into one of two categories: Opportunistic investments with time horizons of less than 10 years or investments it intends to own forever.

Pinehill does not invest in start-ups or turnarounds, nor does it engage in any short sales, leveraging of securities positions, or speculative options trading. Pinehill will not engage in transactions that are hostile to the interests of a company’s management. Pinehill’s minimum equity investment is $30 million.