“To whom much is given, much is expected, and to whom much is entrusted, much is expected” is the motto of the Garcia Family Foundation. Our nation and the communities where we have been educated and conducted business have enabled our family to prosper. In return, we desire to financially support organizations in our communities and volunteer our human resources to them.

Our ultimate goal with our philanthropy is to serve humanity and leave our communities in a better condition than we found them. We support charitable efforts in the spirit of helping others maximize their God-given talent.

We believe that there is a direct relationship between leading successful lives and abiding by certain values (e.g., strong work ethic, honor, selflessness, courage, frugality, generosity, gratitude, intellectual curiosity and humility). Therefore, we support organizations that inculcate, promote and ascribe to these values.

Strong leadership is an important factor in the success of efforts to improve the lives of others. We therefore support charities that demonstrate strong leadership at both the board and executive staff levels and govern their organizations according to high standards. We do not give to endowments because we desire to allocate funds to existing leadership teams we know and trust with our resources. By avoiding endowment giving, we believe we obviate succession risk of our investments in philanthropy.

Efficient charitable organizations are able to serve more beneficiaries, so we demand financial stewardship from those with whom we entrust our financial resources. We only support efforts that can demonstrate and produce measurable outcomes, and our recurring giving goes to those who have done such with our philanthropy.

We source our own philanthropic opportunities and do not accept solicitations. We fund programs that support: (1) at-risk youth, (2) military families, (3) and public policy promoting free markets and individual liberties.

We do not invest our philanthropy in organizations that are start-ups, government funded or in organizations merely with creative or innovative ideas that also do not have sufficient organizational capacity to execute. Other than with respect to public policy, we do not invest in intermediary organizations—the organizations must have direct contact with the beneficiaries we seek to serve.